• Klaartje Versmissen

Lone wolves reached to number 1 at the metal charts

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

In december we threw in a cover of the pretty wreckless called "Oh my God" reaching at first place on trending metal. This was a start writing our new album called Monodon and Immortality containing doommetal and melodic dark metal with own made lyrics and vocals and a new collaboration of Klaartje Versmissen with Steele Wat from Japan and Lori from Mexico to together inspire each another to write new and kicking in songs with dark tales and morals. A ltitle later Hope from Chigaco also became a part of our Wolfpack adding her haunted gothic vocals in a collaboration on our Immortality album. Mr. Evelyn from Evelyn's gate mixed in the songs we were working hard on to get to this level of depths. It has been a bliss for our musical spirits to create our own musical heaven while being on the other side of each other worlds.

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